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How to plan an IKEA Hack design

How to plan an IKEA Hack design


Whether your project is a large kitchen with lots of complexities, or a long run of cabinets configured for a living room sideboard, we help explain how to plan your IKEA Hack project with So Watt.

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Before designing your kitchen or area, accurate measurements of the space are crucial. Window placement and ceiling height can affect the outcome. This step is vital for a successful outcome so don't rush it. As the old mantra goes, measure three times cut once!

What Are The Basics Of Measuring For Joinery?

When measuring your space for custom IKEA joinery, measure the width and length of your room at multiple points. Rooms can often be out of square and floor levels can be sloped, so checking the dimensions in along the floor as well as at bench height will help you see this.

Make sure to use the minimum width, length, and height measurements you’ve taken so your kitchen will fit in the space.

Extra Things To Look Out For When Measuring Your Space

When getting more detailed measurements, it’s essential to look out for obstructions that could affect the installation or daily use of your joinery.

If you are installing next to or in front of skirting boards, you have three options:

  1. Install your cabinets in front of skirting boards, this will leave a gap at the back.
  2. Remove your skirting boards, so you can push the cabinets right up against the wall.
  3. Increase the height of your kicks to go above your skirting boards, this works well for skirting boards 100mm tall or less.

Be sure to consider door and window locations, as well as their architraves or trims.

Plumbing, like the amount of room needed for your sink pipes, needs lots of space. Don't cramp your cabinets around the plumbing.




This is all about getting creative with the collection of cabinets from the IKEA Metod range. Use their standard sizes to create the configuration for your storage, it doesn't have to be a kitchen...

If you would like some professional advice on designing with the IKEA Metod collection, we have just the people to help:

IKEA appointments:

You read correctly! You can get advice directly from IKEA in your own home, online or in-store, and it's 100% commitment free! Follow this link to see the design assistance options from IKEA.

Specialty IKEA designers:

    We have worked directly with designers across Australia that specialise in getting the most out of IKEA cabinets. Depending on your location, we recommend reaching out to three of our favourites:

    You can also have a go yourself...

    ...with the IKEA online Kitchen planner.

    This nifty web-based design tool gives you the building blocks to play with planning and get a feel for different ways you could go about your design. This is also a great first place to start so you can give clear instructions to any future designers you may hire.



    Once you have a cabinet layout you love, shop our range of doors and drawer fronts for IKEA Metod cabinets and get hacking!

    Combining our Australian made components with IKEA base cabinets is an affordable and accessible way to achieve custom joinery with high-quality components. We use sustainably sourced Australian-made materials and product the parts to order in our Sydney workshop. 

    Our IKEA Hack catalogue includes several integrated handle styles as well as a selection of plywood types and finishes. 

    Ready to learn more?

    Come and chat with us while looking through samples and display concepts at our Sydney showroom, or read more about our IKEA Hack offering here.

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