IKEA Hack with So Watt

Create the plywood kitchen of your dreams with a realistic budget

A modern and accessible option for custom joinery, our IKEA Hack collection is focused on offering 100% Australian made and sustainable materials for creative projects across the country. Every component is carefully hand made to order in our workshop from locally sourced materials using low VOC finishes

Why IKEA Hack Your Kitchen?

By starting with IKEA Metod kitchen cabinets and hardware as a base, you can save money and benefit from their modular and interchangeable design. This gives you the perfect building blocks to get creative with So Watt’s range of materials, finishes and custom additions.

IKEA Hack vs. Bespoke Joinery

Because you’re involved in all the planning, designing, assembly and install of an IKEA hack project it keeps the price lower than custom joinery, allowing you to fully reflect your personal style and preferences while staying within your budget. If that sounds a bit overwhelming, we can set up you with a contractor to help you with as much or as little as needed.

The modular Metod cabinet design with compatible So Watt elements allow you to update your design easily in the future. Re-fit your existing Metod cabinets with some new So Watt components or add another cabinet or two! We even offer custom extras to take your IKEA Hack to the next level.

“I loved having full creative ownership of my design, but it was so helpful to have experts available to assist me when needed along the way!”

- Helen B, VIC

IKEA Hack - Step by Step

1. Measure Your Space

Before designing your kitchen, accurate measurements of the space are crucial. Window placement and ceiling height can affect the outcome. This step is vital for a successful design process.

2. Design Your Kitchen Layout

Use the online IKEA Kitchen Planner to brainstorm the layout of your Metod kitchen, with any standard IKEA doors, drawer fronts and cover panels included as placeholders initially.

3. Customise With So Watt

Decide whether you are using our fill strips and consider your handle style and placement across all doors and drawer fronts. These decisions may affect the dimensions of the finished install.

4. Order Your IKEA Cabinets

Now remove your placeholder standard IKEA door parts and check out with IKEA for the Metod cabinets, Utrusta hinges, Maximera drawers and any other IKEA components only. Keep a copy of your original order for door size reference.

5. Shop With So Watt

Head to the So Watt website and use your earlier list of parts to help you purchase all the corresponding doors, drawer fronts, cover panels, kicks and fill strips from So Watt to suit the design you made with the IKEA Kitchen Planner.

How To Shop?


Whether it’s an initial chat or a home consult, there are lots of ways you can brainstorm your design with an expert.


So Watt offer a personal shopper service for $200. This service is to help you convert your finalised IKEA kitchen planner document into a detailed So Watt order form. While this isn’t a design service, we will keep an eye out for anything funny like missing cover panels.


The biggest cost saving area is in time. If you can install your own Metod cabinets and So Watt panels, then you can save money on professional trades. However sometimes IKEA Hack projects need plumbers, electricians, or even just people with the right power tools! Depending on your location, below are a few recommended sources to reach out to.

Now you're ready to begin planning your very own So Watt + IKEA space!