Custom Furniture with So Watt

Create custom plywood furniture to elevate your space

Achieve a functional, contemporary outcome for your next interior design project, commercial fit out or other custom space, with So Watt’s plywood furniture. Beautiful and sustainable, plywood is something we have deep expertise in. We also enjoy stepping outside the norm, and applying our broad knowledge of materials to create concepts that excite and deliver on time and on budget.

Our Custom Process

At So Watt, our unique position as both designer and in-house manufacturer allows us to specialize in crafting custom furniture that precisely meets client briefs.

There are two approaches to creating custom furniture with So Watt, we recommend either customising an existing piece in our range or if there isn’t something close to what you need, doing a ground-up build, where you tell us the function you are addressing and we help you achieve it with a custom piece of So Watt furniture.

Customizing An Existing Piece

Customizing an existing piece is a valuable process if you find something in our range that closely aligns with your vision. If there isn't a suitable match, a fully customized approach is the ideal solution for you

Selecting from our range
When choosing from our range, focus on the design language and the intended purpose of the piece. Materials and dimensions can be easily adjusted to suit your preferences.

Making Alterations
Selecting the right alterations is crucial to ensuring the piece harmonizes with your space. Choose dimensions and configurations that align with both the intended purpose of the furniture and your vision for the space.

Choosing Materials
Once the piece and alterations are finalized, you can select materials that complement the design and its context. Our team is here to assist you in making choices that enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality.

Ground-up Design

Making a Start
A bespoke commission is a collaboration between the client, designer and maker. Communication is key to a successful and fulfilling project that stays true to your original vision and budget.

1. Design Brief
Clearly outline the function your custom furniture needs to address, so that we can design a piece that meets all your needs.

2. Materials
Select a design language and materials that work with your space and the purpose of your furniture. Our team will always be able to give you suggestions based on your specific space and the functions you’re addressing.

3. Timeframe
Set Your Timeframe: If you have a specific delivery date in mind, communicate it early in the process. Inform us of your timeframe requirements so we can schedule accordingly and ensure your project progresses smoothly.

Building something bigger?

Perhaps you need something bigger than a proprietary piece of furniture.

See our cabinetry, wardrobes and other joinery for residential and commercial spaces.