Bespoke So Watt Joinery

Tailor made solutions to suit your style of living

Achieve a functional, contemporary outcome for your next interior design project, commercial fitout or other custom space, with So Watt’s plywood joinery designs.
Beautiful and sustainable, plywood is something we have deep expertise in. We also enjoy stepping outside the norm, and applying our broad knowledge of materials to create concepts that excite and deliver on time and on budget.

Why Custom Joinery

Investing In Your Space!

Bespoke joinery adds value to any space and is increasingly a feature that buyers and renters look for in a home. Well-designed joinery will elevate a whole room providing a bespoke and premium atmosphere. Quality joinery will last decades, making the investment an easy decision when considering the lifespan.

Improve The Health Of Your Home

It’s no secret that a home constructed from natural materials will create a healthier environment with cleaner air for your family. Our plywood joinery is created to achieve exactly that. With all Australian-made materials and low-VOC water-based finishes, we focus on ensuring a natural, conscious, and sympathetic addition to your home or workplace.

How Will It Affect The Way I Live?

If your clothes are bursting out of their cupboards, or your suitcase doesn’t have a home, So Watt’s team of designers are well versed in creative storage solutions to make your custom joinery project work as hard as possible. Let us know your wish list and we will pitch some layout concepts

What's Our Process

So Watt occupies a unique space as we both design and manufacture all our projects in house. Our design methodology is informed by our intimate understanding of the sustainable materials we specialise in, and our hands-on approach to manufacturing each project.

We can use this unique position to help realise your existing designs in our curated material pallet, or we can design a new and comprehensive design concept tailored to meet the objectives for your space.

Either way, your project will be carefully overseen by your dedicated Project Manager while the team craft your piece in our Marrickville workshop.

Where To Start

Making a Start
A bespoke commission is a collaboration between the client, designer and maker. Communication is key to a successful and fulfilling project that stays true to your original vision and budget.
Our favourite way to begin a project is just with an email or call. If you can answer the three points below we'll be able to give you an indicative quote to get the ball rolling.

1. Design Brief
To help us give you as accurate an estimate as possible, It’s great to have a dimensioned sketch of what you're hoping to achieve.

2. Materials
If you can give us an indacative idea of the material profile that you want for your space let us know so we can build that into your quote as early as possible.

3. Timeframe
If you are working towards a particular date, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can put a hold in our calendar for your install date

Now you're ready to begin planning your very own So Watt space!

Our sustainable and ethical approach

No matter the project, we design for disassembly and separation of materials for eventual recycling, modularity or repurposing in a different function. If none of these options are viable, we collaborate with Reverse Garbage and other up-cycling companies to find a second life for our creations.

We also care to work only with low-toxin, ethically sourced materials, minimising harm to the health of our team, our clients and that of the environment we all share.