Cover Panels, Kicks & Fill Strips

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Cover Panels, Kicks & Fill Strips

So Watt have designed a range of cover panels, kicks, and fill strips designed to enhance IKEA Metod kitchen and joinery projects. Our products are made from high-quality Australian materials, including locally sourced plywood, which offers durability, strength, and an attractive finish. By choosing products made from sustainably sourced materials, you can feel good about minimizing your environmental impact while supporting local Australian businesses. Additionally, our products are manufactured locally in Sydney, ensuring that our clients can trust the quality of their purchases and enjoy prompt delivery times.

We offer a range of cover panels, kicks, and fill strips made from high-quality Australian plywood to enhance the appearance of your IKEA kitchen. These components not only provide a polished finished look but also allow you to take on your own joinery project and even the installation process

Our range of finishes includes water-based painted options, hardwood plywoods, and laminated panels, ensuring that our customers can find the perfect match for their kitchen's style and decor. Our kick panels are an essential component of IKEA kitchens, made from durable, locally-sourced plywood, and available in a variety of finishes. By fixing them onto the face of the supplied IKEA kicks, our plywood kick cover panels provide a seamless finish that enhances the overall look of your kitchen.

We understand that choosing the right cover panels, kicks, or fill strips can be a daunting task. That's why we've put together some helpful tips to guide you through the process. Consider your specific needs, design preferences, look for inspiration, measure your furniture or joinery, and don't be afraid to mix and match to achieve a unique and personalized look for your IKEA Hack project.

When choosing accessories for your IKEA Hack Metod cabinet, prioritize functionality and aesthetics while also considering the benefits of using high-quality, sustainable materials made in Australia. Our range of cover panels, kicks, and fill strips are made at our workshop in Marrickville with sustainable materials, supporting sustainable design practices and Australian manufacturing.

Explore our range of cover panels, kicks, and fill strips to find the perfect accessories that will best meet your functional and aesthetic requirements. All of our products are made with care and attention to detail, ensuring that you receive the highest quality products that will enhance the appearance of your IKEA kitchen.


How do I know which size of cabinet fill strip to use?

The size of cabinet fill strip you need will depend on the height of the cabinet you are installing it next to. If you are unsure, purchase a longer option and trim it down to suit. Sometimes you will need to buy an L-shaped fill strip to carry the edge underneath an overhead cabinet, or you may need to buy two cover panels and have a join if your cabinets are very tall.

What materials are cabinet cover strips typically made from?

Cabinet cover strips from So Watt are made from durable birch plywood or blackbutt plywood.

What finishes are available for cabinet cover strips?

Finishes for the birch ply options include water-based painted colours curated by So Watt, and laminated options using colours from Fenix or Laminex ranges. The hardwood plywoods are finished in a clear wood wax.

Can I use cabinet fill strips with any type of cabinetry?

Cabinet fill strips can generally be used with any type of cabinetry as long as the width of the gap is within the size range of the fill strip. If you are installing fill strips to wall mounted overhead cabinets, make sure you consider whether you are using doors with an overhang, as this will mean your fill strips need to be longer. You would also need to shop the L-shape fill strip to return it back to the wall unless you have a cover panel going the full width of the underside of the cabinets.

Can cabinet fill strips be removed or adjusted after installation?

Cabinet fill strips can typically be removed or adjusted after installation, but this will required unscrewing the fill strip and re-arranging the cabinets on either side. We send an extra small packer piece to help you keep your cabinets straight as you go along, place this at the back so that the cabinets don’t pinch together and go skew.

Do I need to install cabinet fill strips and cover strips myself, or can a professional do it for me?

You can install cabinet fill strips and cover strips yourself with basic DIY skills and tools, but if you are not comfortable with the installation process, it is recommended to hire a professional to do it for you.