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IKEA Hack is when you edit (or hack) the original design of an IKEA product to customise it and make it your own. It uses all the main components from IKEA and allows you to get creative with the outcome. An IKEA Hack can be anything from painting your IKEA product a different colour, adding your own handles, or for our IKEA Hack kitchens it’s adding your own Australian made kitchen doors and drawer fronts supplied by So Watt! Check out the range of options we offer for your IKEA kitchen design here.

The kitchen design IKEA offer is really flexible. Metod is the product name for all the cabinets that are used in common kitchen designs, and you can start with these to get the base of your design. Then you can get creative and customise with our range of IKEA hack Australia loves! Don’t be afraid to customise it even further by speaking with us for bespoke elements like floating shelves or open pigeon holes. You could say IKEA is made to be customised! 

To learn more, read our step by step guide here

f you are moving house or renovating, you might find that the IKEA furniture you purchased doesn’t quite work anymore. The best way to reuse IKEA furniture and cabinets is to Hack it! Get really creative and use the panels, legs, doors, frame and turn it into something unique. Maybe it just needs an updated look with a lick of paint and some fun IKEA Hack handles like our cabinet pull handles! Shop the handles here.

Did you know you can use IKEA Metod kitchen cabinets as a sideboard in your living room or dresser in your bedroom? It’s so easy to modify IKEA furniture and cabinets by just looking at them as a simple starter box. Purchase our cover panels to clad the sides and top in a finish of your choosing, then shop our drawer fronts to create a bespoke bedroom drawer unit or check out our range of IKEA door hack designs with fun handle cutouts to create a feature buffet cabinet for your dining room!

When using IKEA to create your new kitchen, the Metod boxes end up being hidden behind all the doors, drawer fronts, cover panels and bench tops. This means it’s as easy as shopping for unique local IKEA hack Australia doors and drawer fronts to change the look of your IKEA furniture or kitchen project.

Not sure how to approach your design, or stuck with too much choice? You can book a consult with us to talk through all the IKEA hack design ideas you have and even come to our IKEA Hack test kitchen in our Camperdown showroom to play around with combinations. We will help you to make it fun to customise IKEA furniture and create exciting IKEA Hack designs for an outcome you will love.