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To Loft is to create an angular cut or draft which subtracts material, creating a new form.

The Loft furniture range plays with subtractive manufacturing techniques creating pieces through deductions. Made from the high grade Birch plywood, the material also contributes to this equation. Plywood by nature is an additive material, one which is created by building layers in across laminated fashion, giving the plywood its strength. By marrying the subtraction and addition the resulting form exudes balance and lightness while maintaining its solid structure. 

A considered construction method using modern CNC technology paired with the latest in Swiss joining technology from Lamellor, the Loft furniture pieces are built to withstand ever-changing interior trends and the almost nomadic short term dwelling lifestyle of apartment living. 

The pieces in this Australian made collection of plywood furniture have proven to be truly timeless. They have undergone numerous modifications and customisations during collaborations with our clients to ensure they are fit for purpose in each unique setting. The finishes range has expanded to give hundreds of possible combinations, allowing each piece to truly reflect its new owner's personality or be cohesive among a carefully thought out space.

The main characteristics that form the subtle yet distinctive form of all pieces in the Loft collection have truly leant themselves to endless design iterations. Further pieces are continually being developed to add to the Loft Australian made furniture range, taking the mitred joins, sharknose edge and cut away handle details each time.