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Parts Of A Whole - Artwork for Deloitte Sydney Office

Parts Of A Whole - Artwork for Deloitte Sydney Office

Corporate Art



The project began with a round table discussion of the theme. The purpose of the installation was to honour the 2018 Invictus Games and to celebrate the sponsorship Deloitte provided. However, as the work is to stay beyond the closing ceremony, we wanted it to continue delighting for years to come.

 Shou Sugi Ban



The challenge laid in the works’ ‘floating’ appearance. There were thousands of individual components and we wanted each block to rotate, so that the overall work could evolve and transform. The supporting framework needed to be minimal so as not to detract – a difficult task when faced with a curved wall and considerable weight of the work.




We began with mood boards that addressed multiple avenues of the brief and had an open conversation with Deloitte about the direction. We used this feedback to create a detailed design along with small sample section of the proposed artwork. Often this process will repeat, however in this case all parties were on the same page from the beginning and our first prototype was signed off.



A project of this magnitude involved a considerable amount of careful engineering, where we needed to balance the core design, the potential structural issues and its overall sustainability. The key to achieving this is clear and frequent communication between ourselves and the client.

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