Wooden & Plywood Pegboards Delivered Online Australia Wide

Our Plywood Pegboards are made from Birch Plywood which is a beautiful and solid timber with a pale blonde appearance.  By shopping our Pegboards online from our webstore you have lots of size options to choose from. If the exact size you are looking for isn’t shown, we can provide a custom size quote, just get in touch with the team!

The high quality birch plywood timber features a beautiful timber grain. Our pegs are Tasmanian Oak dowels with a nice rounded end for no sharp splinters. The shelves have a recessed groove to help them sit snugly over the dowel timber pegs. Everything is lovingly hand sanded ready for you to get creative with your own paint or pattern, or just leave it raw for a natural look!

We deliver our Pegboards anywhere in Australia and can provide quotes to ship overseas. 

Plywood Pegboards For All Uses

Pegboard is a classic display system and there are many design variations on the traditional wooden pegboards and plywood pegboards. 

Our pegboard display system is designed to be flexible and easy to install. We look forward to adding more modular storage accessories which are compatible with our plywood pegboard panel in the future, so by shopping plywood pegboard from our Sydney based workshop you can look forward to endless possibilities.

Traditional uses for pegboard are as light storage in the bedroom for frequently worn pieces of clothing, scarves, hats and coats. Add shelves to your pegboard system for a great bedside table storage solution for an alarm clock, glass of water and a good book.

Plywood pegboard is also great in the hallway or study to display some of your favourite collectables.

Our Birch Plywood Wooden Pegboard is a favourite for retailers in Australia to use in their shops as display walls that give the flexibility for ever-changing product collections.

Opt For A Free Standing Pegboard, Or Attach It To A Wall!

Because we want our Plywood Pegboard to be as flexible as possible, we have two designs which are available in lots of sizes. The first design is a wall hanging pegboard that is installed onto any wall with the use of a split batten. This split batten spreads the weight across its length so that it is not hanging from a single screw. It’s also really easy to install. Simply screw the first half of the split batten onto the wall so that it is straight, then you just hook your pegboard panel on! No tricky maneuvering of heavy timber pegboard panels while trying to get it level.

Our other Plywood pegboard is a freestanding option. This comes with two feet that lock into the cutouts on the panel to keep the pegboard upright and stable. This pegboard design is ideal as a room divider because both sides are accessible.