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Kitchens can be very expensive to do, especially if you have an appreciation for Australian design and Australian materials. At So Watt we offer the IKEA hack package, this allows you to buy the overall kitchen design and carcasses (boxes without drawer fronts or cupboard doors) from IKEA kitchens Australia and buy all flare from us.

IKEA kitchens Australia have been designing and making kitchens at an extreme scale for a long time - this means that they’re very good at doing the basics for a great price! Which is where So Watt comes in; we love going above and beyond, adding interesting design, colour and materials, so you can have a kitchen that matches you and your needs.

What does IKEA Hack usually look like?

IKEA Hack with So Watt usually looks like buying the drawer fronts, Cupboard doors, handels and maybe a benchtop from So Watt, but So Watt are happy to get as involved as you need.

IKEA Hack Personal Shopper

At So Watt we offer an extra service that allows you to be confident that the process will be carried out correctly and the right kitchen will be delivered to you. So Watt will make sure all our IKEA Hack parts are compatible with your kitchen drawings (supplied by IKEA), and may be able to give you some further suggestions for custom elements.

Design solutions we recommend:

  • Raised handles
    Raised handles are a great way to break the mould and elevate your IKEA design. At So Watt we offer many different types of raised handles, however one we recommend is the half moon handle with a clear finish
  • So Watt cabinet doors
    The So Watt cabinet door with corner cut is a great way to add an angular feel to a sometimes rudimentary space. It can also sometimes benefit some of the preexisting design features of IKEA kitchen designs.
  • So Watt drawer fronts
    The So Watt drawer front with the J pull can be a very subtle way to include drawers into your IKEA Kitchen design.

Need Extra design help?

If you feel that your design vision needs more time to be honed and understood, So Watt offers an extra service of design time where we’ll sit down with you to better understand your Ikea Kitchen designs and how we can improve it by replacing the Ikea doors and Ikea drawers. As part of this service you can expect a multitude of relevant samples, photos from similar projects and a detailed price guides to help you work through your Kitchen design.


At So Watt we try to make shipping as safe and easy as possible. Because we ship big pieces of precious IKEA Hack Drawers and cabinet fronts, we need to pay professionals so we know your pieces are safe to go to camperdown, Canberra or as far as Cairns. This means we use private couriers as Australia post don’t ship packages on the scale that we require. Even though we can ship to anywhere in Australia we love it if you want to pick up your piece. By picking it up you save on shipping costs and get to see where your plywood furniture was born.

Payment options

Our payment systems are designed to make life as easy as possible for our customers, with three different types of express payment options, Paypal, Shop Pay, and Google pay as well as regular credit card payments options. Our ambition is to make it as easy and secure as possible for you to get your IKEA Kitchen Australia design additions.

At So Watt our ambition is offer smart design solutions to as many Australians as possible regardless of their budget, this is why Ikea Hack is so important, it allows us to offer Australian materials and design at a much cheaper price than having a whole kitchen built. It also allows many more people to have access to the Australian design and Australian materials all coming together in our Marrickville workshop where it’s lovingly put together. Browse our extensive range here.