Terms & Conditions

Characteristics, not Defects.

The below list of characteristics are not considered defects. 

The Butterfly Patch:

These little patches are a snug and flush replacement for naturally occurring knots in the timber. It may have been from a branch growing in that spot or a tear in the thin and fragile veneer.  Sometimes you can be lucky and not have any on your sheet. Other times there might be 5 or 6 on one face.

The only time you are guaranteed a butterfly-free sheet is if you purchase A-Grade Birch Plywood, even then you may want to hand pick each sheet. We use B Grade Birch Plywood so that our furniture is affordable for our customers.


The Edge Void:

Plywood is made by laying one sheet of veneer on top of another. Butterfly patches are not applied during this process which means that a void from a knot on one layer of veneer will remain as a void. The ply is still strong because these are only small voids and across the size of the board the layer is supported on either side. It is not possible to see these voids until you are cutting into your sheet, making it impossible to elude. Very often these will land along the edge of your cut.

We never fill these voids as they are a characteristic of plywood. Some bespoke plywood makers will lay their own sheets using A grade veneers to avoid these voids at a significant cost.


Tonal Variations:

Our plywood comes from Finland or Russia depending on the yield and the season. If Finland have harvested all their Birch Plywood, then buyers go to the forestry in Russia while Finland’s Birch trees are coming to maturity. This change in geographic location is enough to produce slightly different tones in the timber, as well as grain density and even number of layers within a board of ply that make up its final thickness.


Colour Changes:

You may notice your Birch Plywood furniture is becoming darker over several years. This can be due to UV exposure levels or daily use as well as the age of the finish. Remember that UV exposure happens even when not in direct sunlight!

Our Plywood furniture is finished with Osmo wood wax (an industry favourite). Osmo wood wax is a wax and oil combination with a slight white pigment to help prevent yellowing of the timber during the finishing phase, keeping it as true as possible to the original tone. Because Osmo has a large amount of oil, it is susceptible to a phenomenon called ‘dark yellowing’.

This article provides a comprehensive explanation: http://www.justpaint.org/what-is-dark-yellowing/



Cancellation of Custom Orders

1.     Online Orders

a.     So Watt require 100% payment at the checkout for all online orders.

b.     Change of mind: customers of online purchases are afforded a 24-hour cancellation period for change of mind after the date and time of purchase.

c.      For any cancellations due to change of mind between 24 – 72 hours after the purchase date and time the customer will only receive a 50% refund.

d.     For any cancellations due to change of mind after 72 hours there is no refund available.

2.     Custom Commissions

a.     So Watt require 50% deposit payments for all custom projects.

b.     Clients may cancel orders for custom commissions at any time prior to the issue and subsequent payment of the 50% deposit invoice however there may be charges for work completed in the design phase. This will be outlined in the Quote or Project Proposal for each custom commission and provided to the client before work commences.

c.      Once the payment of this invoice is received the material orders are placed. As such a cancellation after the payment of the 50% deposit will result in the forfeit of this deposit.

d.     Cancellations of custom commissions made within 2 weeks (14 days) of the agreed dispatch date will require 50% payment of any outstanding invoices.

e.     Cancellations of custom commissions made on or after the day of agreed dispatch date will require full payment.


Material Disclaimer

1.     So Watt manufacture their furniture with various grades of Birch Plywood sourced from one of two European Plywood manufacturers. This can result in variations of timber tone, grain and construction in each order of plywood.  

2.     Higher grades of Plywood or hand-picked materials are available to our clients at an additional fee.


Quality Guarantee

1.     Samples vs. Finished Piece

a.     We work with natural timbers and organic finishes. The sample piece we supply will never be an exact match to the finished piece, but we endeavour to make it as close as the materials will allow.

b.     Customers referring to a sample in their care must consider the storage and age of this sample if referred to after a significant amount of time has passed since acquisition.

c.      Availability of sample pieces cannot be guaranteed unless an order for the full amount of material has already been placed to complete the project in question

2.     Fit for Purpose

a.     So Watt provide descriptions for the use of their designs and guarantee that each piece is fit for the described purpose within reasonable interpretation.

3.     Repetition

a.     All pieces are handmade by the team at So Watt. As such there will always be variation across manufacture of repeated items.


Description Guarantee

1.     Dimensions shown on manufacture drawings will be correct to +/- 2mm unless the project in question is an organic art piece.

2.     It is the responsibility of the client to specify critical and non-critical parts

3.     Concept Sketches

a.     Concept sketches are a guide only and not representative of the delivered piece.

b.     Concept sketches exist purely to facilitate communication between So Watt and The Client.

c.      Generation of concept sketches falls within a billable practice.

4.     Manufacture Drawings

a.     So Watt will create manufacture drawings of client orders for approval before production

b.     Not all projects will require a Manufacture Drawing. This is at the discretion of the So Watt team.

c.      Prior to manufacture of client work So Watt require the supplied Manufacture Drawings to be signed by the client and returned to So Watt.

5.     Manufacture drawings will not show 100% of detail. This includes but is not limited to:

a.     Detailed models of cabinet hardware

b.     Identification of naturally occurring traits in the timbers

c.      Types of screws or bolts used during manufacture

d.     Gap sizes surround doors or drawers

e.     Exact weight of unit

6.     Client Supplied Manufacture Drawings

a.     If the client engages So Watt for manufacture only the client is required to supply manufacture ready documents in .dxf form

b.     It is the clients responsibility to make sure the components of the manufacture files provided to So Watt are accurate size and scale and that the correct quantities of each part have been supplied to So Watt in writing.

c.      So Watt are not responsible for incorrect components if asked to manufacture from client supplied drawings. In such a case that parts are incorrect the client will be charged to re-produce including additional material supply.


Consumer Rights

7.     So Watt provide a 2 year warranty on all items made by So Watt on their premises at 3 Shirlow Street Marrickville NSW Australia from the date of dispatch from these premises.

8.     Choose between repair or replacement

9.     Normal wear and tear is excluded as a factor outside of So Watt Pty Ltd control.  This includes but is not limited to:

a.     Natural darkening of timber over time

b.     Dark yellowing of timber as a result of low UV exposure

c.      Dulling of the surface

d.     Natural movement of the timber by variation of the environmental conditions in which the piece is kept.

e.     Scratches that occur during use

10.  Any accidental damage caused by the customer

a.     Any improper or inadequate maintenance applied to the furniture not described in the maintenance manual including use of products other than the Osmo Maintenance Kit or damp sponge.

b.     Any alternation or repairs not undertaken by So Watt Pty Ltd

c.      Any defects/damage caused during delivery that is not handled by So Watt directly

d.     Any natural marks, blemishes or characteristics of the timber.  Including but not limited to patches, grain variations, knots & voids.

e.     Any excessive weight being placed on drawer runners or similar hardware.

f.      Any changes of mind

11.  So Watt needs to be informed of any claim within 5 days of the defect occurring or becoming apparent

12.  The maximum liability shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the item only (at the discretion of So Watt Pty Ltd) plus the reasonable cost of collection and return of the item.

13.  In the event that an item is returned via an external delivery company or our delivery staff or an employee of So Watt is called out to inspect an alleged defect in workmanship, a major fault or any other warranty claim and these are not substantiated or established to be the responsibility of So Watt under our warranty of Australian Consumer Law, the customer will be charged the costs associated with the call out or shipping of the item.


Delays in Manufacture

1.     So Watt are not responsible for delays in manufacture due to the delayed or interrupted supply of materials from external suppliers.

2.     Online Orders

a.     All pieces in the So Watt online store provide information on lead times in the product description.

b.     So Watt will alert the customer of any potential delays to the manufacture schedule of their made to order piece via email.

3.     Custom Commissions

a.     Lead times for design, manufacture and delivery/install are provided to the client either on the formal quotation or in email.

b.     So Watt will alert the client of any potential delays to the manufacture schedule of their made to order piece via email.



1.     Online Orders

a.     So Watt require 100% payment at the checkout for all online orders.

2.     Custom Commissions

a.     So Watt require 50% deposit payment payable within 14 days of the invoice date for all custom commissions

b.     For custom commissions spanning a maximum 2 month period, the final 50% invoice will be issued on delivery of the project and is payable within 14 days of the invoice date.

c.      For custom commissions spanning a minimum 2 month period, a progress invoice of 50% of the remaining total will be issued at the 2 month mark, with the final 25% invoice being issued on delivery of the project. Both invoices are payable within 14 days of the invoice date.

3.     For Consulting Projects

a.     Invoices will be issued every two weeks (14 days) that the project is running and will be based on the time spent on the project by the team at So Watt and is payable within 14 days of the invoice date.

b.     An estimate of the forthcoming invoice is provided in the Project Proposal at the beginning of engagement.

c.      So Watt will alert the client to any potential increases in estimated time and therefore cost prior to exceeding estimates.

4.     So Watt reserve the right to charge 10% interest on the total value of any outstanding invoice for every 7 days that it is overdue.



1.     So Watt can provide installation quotes to clients when required.

2.     So Watt may create an installation instruction manual to facilitate smooth and correct install of their projects. This is at the discretion of So Watt.

3.     Installations may be conducted by members of So Watt or by external contractors. Clients will be notified prior to commencement who will be undertaking this work.

4.     In the event that an installation is carried out by external parties engaged by the client and not by So Watt, So Watt are not responsible nor liable for any incorrect installation or damage caused to the supplied work or surrounding environment or persons by this external installer.



1.     Receipt of Delivery

a.     Orders placed for pieces too large for general post boxes will require the customer to be home to receive the item.

b.     So Watt will contact the customer on to arrange a suitable delivery time. If the customer is not home during the agreed time a re-delivery fee will be charged to the customer.

c.      If it is not possible for our delivery agents to deliver while the customer is home, the goods can be left elsewhere on the property under cover if this is available and accessible. After which So Watt take no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged goods.

14.  Changes in access

a.     So Watt will request information on site access for deliveries prior to departure.

b.     Any changes to the site access such as inaccessible loading docks will result in the cancellation of the delivery and a rearrangement at the clients cost.

15.  Area not cleared

a.     So Watt require the path up to and area of placement to be cleared of any obstacles prior to delivery. Failure to do so will result in the delivery of the work to the closest possible cleared area on the premises and no placement service.


Storage Fees

1.     Storage fees will be charged for goods completed and paid for in full if they remain at the premises of So Watt (3 Shirlow Street Marrickville NSW Australia) for longer than 2 weeks, 14 days, from date of client being notified of completion.