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Fenix Cover Panels


Fenix Laminated Ply Cover Panels to match IKEA METOD sizes

Designed + Made by So Watt

This collection of cover panels are designed to match those offered by IKEA. Supplied with the Fenix laminate colour of your choosing on either one or both sides, these cover panels will fit to the end of your IKEA METOD cabinet without needing power tools to trim the size.

Make sure you are happy that the depth of these cover panels will be enough to cover the side of your cabinet and the thickness of the So Watt door, plus 2mm for the gap created by the hinges.

Standard sized cover panels are available at standard heights or extra tall for wall mounted cabinets with overhang doors, so that the bottom edge lines up.

For the perfect fit, see our collection of cover panels with larger sizes ready to be cut down by your installer on site.

If you choose Fenix one side only, your cover panel will come with a white liner on the back to keep it stable. Fenix both sides will prevent any sneaky pops of white where your cover panel meets the floor or cabinet edge.

To learn more, head over to your IKEA Hack page for steps and inspiration!

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  • Constructed from Australian made 18mm thick hoop pine plywood, 0.9mm Fenix NTM laminate applied to one face with white liner (total thickness 19mm) or both faces (total thickness 19.8mm) . The exposed hoop pine ply edges are sealed with a clear low VOC water-based finish.

    These cover panels are finished on all faces and edges to give you flexibility when installing. 

  • This piece is made to order by the So Watt team at their workshop in Marrickville (Sydney, NSW).

    Lead Time: 5-6 weeks + delivery.

    Free pick up available for an excuse to visit our Marrickville showroom!

    Ships flat pack, ready for you to install onto your METOD kitchen cabinets.

    For help installing, receive quotes from qualified installers here

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