So Watt

Belle Wall Clock


The perfect gift handmade in Marrickville

Designed + Made to order by So Watt in Marrickville, Sydney, from 100% Australian made plywood.

The scooped edge and flush mounted mechanism in the back gives Belle a floating appearance on your wall.

Visit our Marrickville showroom to see this piece in person.

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  • Clock diameter is 280mm and 24mm thick.

    Indoor use only.

    Finished with low-VOC water-based specialty furniture finishes.

    Features black metal hands including a second hand.

  • This piece is made to order by the So Watt team at their workshop in Marrickville (Sydney, NSW).

    Lead Time: 1 weeks + delivery.

    Free pick up available for an excuse to visit our Marrickville workshop!

    Ships fully assembled Australia wide.

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  • Is the Belle Wall Clock battery-operated? Does it include batteries?

    The Belle plywood wall clock only requires 1x AA battery to run. Due to restrictions from couriers and freight companies, we are unable to include the battery with your wall clock. Luckily, they are readily available at hardware stores, supermarkets and petrol stations. Just don’t forget to grab one before giving the Belle timber wall clock as a gift!

    Is the Belle Wall Clock free standing?

    Our Belle plywood wall clock is made from nice thick plywood, with a curved style edge that makes it appear to float off the wall. Because the edge is curved, there isn’t a flat edge to place the clock so that it is free standing. It will very likely roll away!

    Part of the design is a flush keyhole style hook cut into the back of the clock. This allows you to hang our Belle plywood wall clock on the wall so that it is sitting nice and flat.

    How can I hang the Belle Wall Clock?

    Keep in mind that this is a solid timber wall clock, it is not hollow or veneered onto particle board, so it weighs approximately 2kg. If you are hanging your Belle wall clock on a plasterboard wall, try to find a timber stud behind the plaster to install your screw. If you try using a normal screw straight into plasterboard it will breakaway and not hold the weight!

    Once you have your screw securely installed into your wall, simply hook the Belle wall hook onto the head of the screw, and voila!

    If you are renting or don't want to screw into your wall, you can try using velcro style double sided tape with mess-free removal. Consult your local hardware store to point you in the right direction for the kind of wall you have.

    How should l clean the Belle Wall Clock?

    Feel free to use a gentle feather duster to carefully dust the face and edges of your Belle plywood wall clock whenever you need. We recommend unhooking it from the wall so that you don’t accidentally knock it down in the process!

    If there is a mark or dirt on the timber you can easily wipe it away with a damp cloth.

    The metal clock hands are delicate and lightweight, so that the movement doesn’t struggle to send them around the clock. Therefore it can be easy to bend them if you are handling it. Simply bend them back against something strong and flat.