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The Osmo Experiment

The Osmo Experiment

Osmo’s range of products is extensive and can be a bit of a minefield to navigate, so we spent 3 months testing various Osmo finishes on our Birch Plywood to get exactly the result we were after. We had two goals. First – we needed a finish which would not turn the plywood yellow (no easy feat in the sunny Australian environment!).

Well Finished Ply vs. Badly Finished Ply

Second, we were looking for a bold colour option that would still highlight the beautiful grain of the ply, without providing a washed-out stain. Our final swatch choices are Pink, Clear, Green & Blue.


Of course, both options needed to result in a durable finish. For us this meant withstanding coffee spills and wine splashes as well as providing a level of waterproofing to protect the timber. 

We’re so happy with how these products are working with our designs. All our clients are now Osmo-obsessed as well and we’re over the moon with the custom colours that Sophie mixes up!


Fun fact: no matter what brand you buy, if it is an oil-based finish, the colour is subject to the ‘dark yellowing’ phenomenon. Read about it here and save yourself from any nasty surprises! 

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