It's here! Aus-made Hoop Pine Ply

It's here! Aus-made Hoop Pine Ply

Introducing Australia’s very own hoop pine plywood, a stunning pale timber ply from the native Araucaria tree. This is the first step to So Watt moving to 100% Australian Made materials by the end of 2022!

Where is hoop pine grown in Australia?

Hoop pine grows naturally in northern NSW and most of Queensland. Hoop pine plywood comes from carefully managed plantations in these areas to cater to our manufacturing industry right here at home.

 Hoop Pine Plantation

Source: HQP Plantations 

We have always been about using sustainable materials at So Watt, but sustainability goes beyond the type of timber and needs encapsulate production, freight, after-life and waste management (to name a few).  

By working with materials sourced locally we are supporting our own industries, helping to provide job opportunities and encouraging innovation by demonstrating demand. Plus having the control over lead times is always nice!


What does hoop pine look like?

Source: So Watt

While hoop pine has a slightly warmer tone than birch ply, we use a specially formulated durable sealant that controls the tone and keeps the appearance as pale as possible.

The grain pattern on the face is very similar between birch and hoop pine plywoods, with every sheet being completely unique you can lose yourself in the swirls of this beautiful timber.

Plywood is made by layering thin veneers of timber peeled off the tree and pressed together in alternating directions to give it it’s famous strength. Birch ply and hoop pine ply are made exactly the same way, so you still have the feature edge texture synonymous with plywood.


When can I get it?

Source: So Watt

We are introducing hoop pine ply to all our products during 2022, starting with our pegboard range! (link to pegboard collection)

From 1st of June 2022 you can shop all the components of our pegboard collection in Australian made hoop pine plywood.

Keep an eye out for e-news updates and Instagram posts for announcements on which products will be next!


Where can I see hoop pine ply in person?

Source: So Watt 

Our new Camperdown showroom will be filled with our designs made from hoop pine ply. The showroom will be open from July 2022 with photos of the new pieces published soon! Watch out on our Instagram for your first sightings.


Is it certified amazing?


Of course! Our hoop pine plywood is produced in accordance with AS/NZS 2271 using ‘Chain of Custody’ certified Australian plantation hoop pine logs. This is independently certified by the Responsible Wood (RW) system, as well as being AFS certified.


Our Australian identity


Birch ply became popular in Australia off the back of the ‘Scandi’ movement, a trend that adopted Scandinavian design. But birch is native to most Scandinavian areas, so it makes sense for them to use it! 

By introducing hoop pine ply, we have the opportunity to support our own national identity, and creating designs that suit our lives in the sun and surf (not so much in the snow).