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Pegboard Peg


The must-have accessory for your pegboard storage

Designed + Made by So Watt

A pegboard is not complete without its pegs! Get ready to maximise your pegboard potential with as many pegs as you want shelves or hooks.

Available in two lengths, the longer 220mm peg is made to support the Pegboard shelves. While the shorter 110mm peg is ideal for your keys, hat, coat or dog leash!

We offer extra pegboard shelving and plywood pegboard accessories in order to optimise your storage opportunities. These pegboard accessories are designed to be used specifically with our Pegboard system.

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  • Please note: This product has been left raw (with no finish).

    Dimensions: 19mm diameter and available in two lengths, 220mm long or 110mm long.

    Made from Tasmanian Oak and lovingly sanded for slightly rounded, splinter-free ends.

  • This piece is made to order by the So Watt team at their workshop in Marrickville (Sydney, NSW).

    Lead Time: 1 weeks + delivery.

  • Free pick up available for an excuse to visit our Marrickville showroom!

    If you require deliver & place please get in touch with the team for a project specific quote:

    International shipping is available! Simply type your address during the shipping stage of checkout. Please email if you need help.

  • How much weight can each pegboard peg support?

    These solid timber pegs are really strong! They can take 7.5kg of weight for the long 220mm pegs, or 10kg of weight for the short 110mm pegs. The difference in how much weight each peg can support is because of the cantilever. The closer to the anchor point (aka pegboard panel) the load is placed, the less it is cantilevering.

    Don’t forget, the weight that our pegs for pegboard panels can support does depend on how securely you have installed your pegboard to the wall. Make sure you screw the split batten supplied with your pegboard into as many studs in your wall as possible, or consult your local tradesperson if you don’t feel confident doing this on your own.

    What is the pegboard peg made of?

    Our wooden pegs for pegboard display systems are made from 100% Tasmanian Oak. Tasmanian Oak is the name of the species of timber and can in fact be grown in many places globally, not only Tasmania! The Tasmanian Oak we use as our pegs for our pegboard are PEFC sourced, which stands for ‘Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification’. This means our wooden pegs are certified by an international non-profit organization which promotes sustainable forest management.

    Tasmanian Oak is a dense hardwood which is durable without any finish applied. We have chosen to leave our Oak Timber dowel pegs unfinished in their raw state, but only after giving them a loving sand and taking any splintery edges off.

    How can l best use the pegboard pegs?

    The short pegs for pegboard panels, both wall mounted and free standing, are great as hooks for hats and bags, or even your dog leash and collar! You can also use them as an anchor to hang an artwork or a mirror. The longer wooden pegs for pegboard panels are better for supporting the shelves. We supply two pegs pre-fixed to the pegboard shelves to make this really easy!

    You can also add a splash of colour to your wooden pegs. Try a paint or stain finish to contrast against the plywood timber pegboard panel, or even go multi-coloured with lots of different finishes! You can use standard paints from your local hardware store or stains to keep some of the timber grain showing through.

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