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Pegboard Panel


Wall mounted Pegboard panels in multiple sizes

Designed + Made by So Watt

Our Pegboard Panels are a simple and versatile storage solution for any space, made from 18mm thick Birch Plywood with 19mm

Tasmanian Oak dowel pegs. The Pegboard Panel can be mounted to the wall in either a portrait or landscape orientation using a split batten (or French cleat) so there are no visible fixings. You can change the orientation at any time by swapping the split batten to the other set of pre-drilled screw holes in the back of your Pegboard panel.

Dowel Pegs and Plywood Shelves sold separately in different sizes. Shop the options here to create your own configurations!

Our pieces are hand made to order. Custom sizes and finishes are available.
Email us to start a custom project or learn more about custom commissions here.

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  • Please note: This product has been left raw (with no finish).

    Our Pegboard Panels are sanded for a splinter-free finish, but are left raw (with no sealant or finish) to help make it as affordable as possible. This also allows you to paint it any colour you like!

    The hole spacing is 100mm centre to centre.

    Max weight capacity will depend on the type of wall the Pegboard is installed onto. Brick or concrete will have a higher weight capacity, whereas Gyprock or plaster will be lower.

  • This piece is made to order by the So Watt team at their workshop in Marrickville (Sydney, NSW).

    Lead Time: 2 weeks + delivery.

  • Free pick up available for an excuse to visit our Marrickville showroom!

    Shipped assembled. Delivered direct to your door.

    If you require deliver & place please get in touch with the team for a project specific quote:

    International shipping is available for the smaller sizes! Simply type your address during the shipping stage of checkout. Please email if you need help.

  • You Call It A Small Wooden Wall Shelf Unit. We Call It Pegboard.

    Our small pegboard is the best way to display ever-changing stock. Versatile, flexible and super attractive it makes the perfect backdrop to display your work or products.

    A more customisable take on a small wooden wall shelf unit, our pegboard is made with high quality natural B/BB grade 18mm thick birch plywood, sanded with a raw finish. This is the wooden pegboard Australia loves!

    Using our small pegboard and pegboard accessories, you can create versatile pegboard storage for any space or purpose.

    Not limited to retail, our plywood pegboard shelving system makes a great headboard or bedside table, entry piece for keys and coats, or perhaps a spice rack for your kitchen, and can be an attractive office companion to help you organise frequently used stationery. The raw sanded finish lets you get creative with DIY finishes and fun artworks to give it your own designer twist.

    Tune into your inner stylist and show off your knick knacks in an unlimited number of ways with this small wooden wall shelf unit. The best part is you can completely makeover your display whenever it suits you using the pegboard accessories that come with your pegboard midi. If you run out of shelf space, just add to your options by purchasing extra dowel lengths or various shelf sizes to use on your existing pegboard!

    Wall Mounted Shelves Which Just Work.

    Our wall mounted plywood pegboard offers a great alternative to heavy and complicated wall mounted shelves. Designed to be super easy to install, our plywood pegboard has a split batten or french cleat wall mount which is simple to install nice and straight before hanging your pegboard securely. You can hang it vertically or horizontally and even have the option of changing this anytime with pre-drilled holes on the back!

    So... How Do Your Pegboards Work?

    The pegboard wooden shelves have a clever little groove on the underside, which helps the shelf sit comfortably on the Oak Dowel pegs. It also adds a beautiful little accent to the edge of the shelf where the peg is visibly recessed half-way in.

    The plywood pegboard is a perforated solid timber panel with beautiful geometry to supply you with a great framework for your creative displays.

    We can’t wait to see the displays using our Plywood pegboard Australia creates! We look forward to building on the range so stay tuned and sign up to our e-newsletter for more pegboard accessories, sizes, finishes and many more storage ideas for wall mounted shelves.

    We ship our plywood pegboard Australia wide with our friendly door to door delivery service.

  • What are your Pegboard Panels made from?

    Our pegboard wall panels are made from 18mm thick high grade birch plywood and carefully sanded smooth all over. On the back we have pre-installed an aluminium split batten ready for you to hang securely to your wall. We offer our pegboard panel in lots of sizes so that you can find the exact fit for your wall.

    What can l use the Pegboard Panel for?

    Easily the most flexible piece for any home or workplace, our wall mounted pegboard panels allow you to rearrange them to suit your unique use.

    For homes, our pegboard wall panels are great in entry ways with a peg for your keys, umbrella, hat and carry bag, and a small wooden shelf or two for your wallet, notebook and sunglasses. They also work perfectly in wardrobe areas for your accessories, study spaces for your stationery, or kitchens for your teatowel, salt and pepper grinder and napkins!

    For retail spaces the large pegboard panel with large wooden shelf offers lots of space to display your products in interesting ways. Easily rearrange your wooden shelf and pegs on the wall mounted pegboard when you want to show off new collections to keep your display exciting.

    How do I install the Pegboard Panel?

    We have made it as easy as pie to successfully install your wall mounted pegboard panel nice and level. Remember, wall fixings are only as strong as the wall! So make sure you are screwing the split batten to some stud work if your wall is gyprock (plasterboard), or opt to hang your pegboard on a brick or concrete wall if possible. The split batten has plenty of pre-drilled holes for you! Watch our handy video to see how to hang your wall mounted pegboard panel, starting with one half of the split batten.

    How much weight can the Pegboard wall panel support?

    This all comes down to how sturdy your wall is. If you have installed your pegboard onto a gyprock wall, and only managed to hit one timber stud with your screws, then the full weight of your pegboard and anything you put on it is being held up by only that one screw. In that case, you would only be able to support a silk scarf!

    By installing your pegboard correctly, and having the right type of screw or wall plug, you can mount the panel more securely and it can take lots of weight. If you’re unsure, we recommend you ask a qualified tradesperson to install your pegboard for you.

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