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Buddy Box Magazine File


Your best buddy for every storage need

Designed + Made by So Watt

The Buddy Box range is for those who store in style. Proudly store your papers, magazines and brochures with a bit of fun and character in a box that will last you a lifetime. 

The Buddy Box Magazine File is the practical choice for serious organisers. Fit A4 paper, document wallets and magazines standing upright with spines exposed for quick look filing. 

The Buddy Box range is made from super textural OSB (Oriented Strand Board) left in it's natural state. There is no need to apply a finish to this great material just enjoy it raw and rustic. 

Our pieces are hand made to order. Custom sizes and finishes are available.
Email us to start a custom project or learn more about custom commissions here.

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  • External dimensions: 280mm long x 120mm wide x 360mm high.
    Internal dimensions: 235mm long x 100mm wide x 155mm deep at lowest - 325mm deep at highest point.
    Made from OSB (Oriented Strand Board) and left raw.

  • This piece is made to order by the So Watt team at their workshop in Marrickville (Sydney, NSW).

    Lead Time: 1 weeks + delivery.

  • Free pick up available for an excuse to visit our Marrickville showroom!

    Shipped assembled. Delivered direct to your door.

    International shipping is available! Simply type your address during the shipping stage of checkout. Please email if you need help.

  • 1. What is the OSB plywood magazine file made of?
    This extra special magazine file holder is made from OSB, which stands for Oriented Strand Board. This material is similar to plywood in that it is made of multiple layers of timber pressed together. The difference is that the OSB uses timber waste material, shavings and offcuts which gives it the amazing texture and excitement! THere is nothing else like this material, used in small doses this furniture grade OSB adds a feature element. OSB is also used in large expanses for exciting fitout projects and interiors.

    2. How much weight can the OSB plywood magazine file support?
    The Buddy Storage Range covers all the classics for super organised storage nuts. The wooden magazine file is strong enough to fill with all your favourite magazines.  The Buddy OSB plywood magazine holder can hold 30kg, way more than you could ever cram in there! The Buddy furniture grade OSB is so strong because of the material but also because of the way the magazine or stationery holder goes together. Each part is glued into a recess on an opposing part, so that the pieces work together to spread the load. At the end of the day Buddy is designed for super storage needs so go for your life and fill it up without a problem! 

    3. What can l use the wooden magazine file for?
    A magazine file is a classic desktop companion. Even as we move away from using so much paper, a magazine file will help keep the few things that still need to be printed or written in tidy order. You can use a couple of our OSB plywood magazine files side by side as an in-tray and out-tray to help keep your desktop free of paper clutter. Store those pesky bills in something nicer to look at without hiding them away where you forget to pay them! Or create fun laminated labels to clip to the front of the wooden magazine file with a bulldog clip and have a whole range of them for various collections of paper. At So Watt we use the Buddy Magazine File to store our projects on the go, or projects ready to deliver, as well as ideas for new designs which are always sketches on physical paper.

    4. What other products can l use the OSB plywood magazine holder with?
    Being part of the Buddy Storage Range makes it easy for you to select complimentary products all part of a designer set of storage containers. So far the Buddy Storage Range includes a record crate, A4 paper sized tub which is our all-rounder, and upright magazine file. We look forward to introducing more designs in the future!

    The Buddy Storage range is made from OSB so that it compliments our other furniture pieces. Check out our Loft collection which uses OSB as the back panel. The Buddy range fits really well underneath the Archibald writing bureau and completes the flexible storage of this piece.

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