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Contemporary Birch Plywood Table by local design studio So Watt

Australian design studio So Watt have a collection of plywood table designs all made by hand on-site at their Marrickville (Sydney) workshop. The collection of plywood tables is created to fit a range of budgets, from affordable table options all the way through to custom table designs or high-end finishes.

Birch plywood is a premium furniture grade type of plywood. It is smooth with a subtle grain pattern and is sanded and finished by the team at So Watt for a silky and durable finish. We pride ourselves on producing tables with durable finish that are fit for purpose as desks and dining tables.

We offer a range of finishes to suit the different applications. For workplace desks or home office desks we recommend our clear wood wax finish or provide suggestions on high quality laminates that are vacuum pressed onto the ply.

A key focus of our brand is to offer custom table options where you can change the dimensions easily or request added features to suit your requirements, such as drawers or cutouts.

Looking to buy Australian made table and desk for your home office?

Browse our range of table and desk designs for your home office or shared work space! Cut-outs for cables to run neatly and custom cable trays for storing powder boards are available to add to any of our table and desk designs. Worktop finishes are interchangeable across all the styles we offer to help you create your ideal custom desk or table.

Everything from our collection is made by us at our workshop in Marrickville (Sydney). This means that you get a piece made just for you by a local business with a fast turnaround. No more waiting for international products to arrive with long shipping times and excess packaging!

Popular modern office desks and tables made from high grade Birch Plywood

Everyone works differently, and often moves around to work in different places at home or outside. Try our Charli Side Table for a quick and easy laptop table you can pull up at the sofa. What about our Desktop with removable legs that you can use for a few weeks then pack away? Or our Rover Home Desk for a permanent work area you can be proud of.

Our Plonk Table is designed to be a dining table, but with a few customisations like cutouts for cables it also makes a great desk for minimal designed spaces. Our Todd Table is a popular desk with its dependable strength and easy to customise design. You can even request a drawer to fit on the underside of the table top. Have a look at some of the custom designs our clients have requested so far!