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Plonk Round Dining Table


A classic dining table perfect for small spaces

Designed + Made by So Watt

The Plonk dining range celebrates the effortless beauty and inherent strength of the timber to create an easy and timeless setting.

Available in two diameters and multiple finishes, the Plonk Round Dining Table achieves a minimalist and elegant profile while remaining incredibly sturdy. The under-structure has a clever bolt on assembly technique that can be efficiently shipped in one lightweight package. The leg profiles simply bolt onto the under-structure which has already been fixed to the table top.

The legs sit snuggly in the outer-most edges of the round top to allow maximum leg room while ensuring a stable tip free design. The photos show the 1180mm Diameter.

Made from Birch Plywood and Tasmanian Oak Dowel.

Our pieces are hand made to order. Custom sizes and finishes are available.
Email us to start a custom project or learn more about custom commissions here.

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  • Available in multiple sizes. Photos show 1180mm diameter option.

    Made from high grade Birch Plywood with Tasmanian Oak Dowel legs, Plonk is finished with a low VOC natural water based durable finish in colours specially formulated by So Watt.

  • This piece is made to order by the So Watt team at their workshop in Marrickville (Sydney, NSW). Lead Time: 4-5 weeks + delivery.

  • Free pick up available for an excuse to visit our Marrickville showroom!

    Shipped with leg profiles seperate (total of 3 packages). Easy instructions and Allen key included in your delivery. Delivered direct to your door.

    If you require deliver & place please get in touch with the team for a project specific quote:

    International Shipping is available on request. Please email for a quote.

  • What Is The Plonk Round Dining Table Made Of?

    The Round Plonk Dining Table is made of plywood, specifically birch plywood which has a blonde tone with very subtle grain. Being a plywood dining table, the Plonk can achieve great strength while still appearing light and minimal. This is thanks to the strength in the layers that make up the birch plywood. Plywood is a type of sheet material which is made of several thin layers of solid timber, pressed together with the grain direction alternating each time. This makes it extremely rigid for the thickness allowing us to create thin tops like the one featured on our Plonk birch plywood round dining table.

    How many people can the Plonk Round Dining Table seat?

    The Plonk round dining table is best suited to 4 people. It is offered in two sizes which is intended to give more options to suit particular spaces, rather than to provide a different number of seats. The 900mm diameter small round dining table is the perfect small round table for a breakfast nook or impromptu casual meeting room table. The 1180mm diameter large round dining table is great for meals with close friends with lots of space in the middle for share plates.

    What makes the Plonk Round Dining Table unique?

    The best thing about our Plonk timber dining table is its strength. The Plonk birch plywood dining table is designed to stand strong with no wobble while still achieving a lightweight floating appearance. The Plonk rectangular dining table can achieve lengths up to 2.2m long and can support at least 90kg of weight in the middle of the table with no wobble or sag, that’s equivalent to a grown adult standing on the table! Even though the table top is only 1.2cm thick, the strength is thanks to the ribs mounted to the underside. We design with the material in mind, using its inherent properties to create durable and lasting pieces of plywood furniture.

    What Product Can I Pair With The Plonk Round Dining Table?

    The Plonk Dining Table is part of our suite of plywood timber furniture. So far this also includes the Plonk Dining Chair, which shares a lot of the same features and is made with the same timber materials as the Plonk Dining Table. This is a dining set you will be able to enjoy for decades. We have also recently released the Plonk Bench with or without backrest, perfect for casual dining or family settings. The Plonk Bench designs are also made from birch plywood and Tasmanian oak timber dowel. Tie it all together with the Plonk Bar Stool! Similar to the Plonk Dining Chair but with a slightly lower backrest and comfortable foot rails. Try choosing fun colours for your plywood timber dining suite to mix up your space while keeping a considered visual style! We are excited to continually grow the Plonk furniture range, sign up to our e-newsletter to receive updates on new furniture releases.

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