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So Watt’s seating range has been curated to serve all styles of home, work and leisure. Explore our Australian designed and made seating collection here.

So Watt’s Billi is a Plywood stool that can easily be applied to any homeware’s application. Its versatility lies in its simplicity, with its simple round form allowing for uses such as home dining, plant stand or even kids play station.

Billi Stool

So Watt’s Billi is a Plywood stool that can easily be applied to any homeware’s application. Its versatility lies in its simplicity, with its simple round form allowing for uses such as home dining, plant stand or even kids play station.

Plonk Bar Stool

The plonk bar stool is a hidden gem within the So Watt catalogue! Its low back and reclined seat make for a great breakfast bar seat or cocktail bar accompaniment - making it one of the best locally-made bar stools online Australia has to offer!

Plonk Bench with Backrest

So Watt’s Plonk bench with backrest is our answer to inner-city family living! Planning a living space for a family can be a headache, especially when friends are thrown in the mix. Rest assured that this adaptable bench will solve those issues! It can comfortably fit two adults or three kids without any issues.

How to choose seating per room

Choosing seating for a room is an important and sometimes hard addition to a space. At So Watt we recommend first understanding the context of the room and then determining the purpose of the space.

Going with the flow of the space

Going with the flow of a space can look like using the same materials and finishes that are already present to complement the existing style and create a cohesive feel and look.

Going against the flow of the space

Going against the flow can be a great way to break up a room that feels boring or too safe. For example, if you have a mid-century teak dining table, adding black Plonk chairs can be a great way to compliment the space without mimicking what is already there.

Using the purpose to choose a seat

It is impossible to choose a chair, seat, plywood stool or bench if you don’t have a clear understanding of the purpose of it. Therefore, if you usually have four people sitting around you dining table but need the capacity to seat eight then using a combination of bench seats and plywood stools can be a great way to squeeze more people in without compromising the usual configuration.

Styling tips for seats

When styling with seating it is vital to consider the pieces the seating will accompany. If it is a dining table then choosing colours and materials that are already present in the table can be very successful. Alternatively, the other end of the spectrum is using smaller components like seating for adding colour and life to a space - for example using brightly coloured plywood chairs to a safer table can be a compelling composition.

Emphasise ease and convenience of shopping by mentioning the client’s shipping options and payment methods.

We want to be able to solve all Australians furniture needs! That’s why we ship nationwide! However if you’re local to Sydney, we’d love you to drop by our Marrickville workshop to pick up your furniture once its ready and meet the people that put it together for you.


Why is plywood good for furniture?

Plywood furniture is exceptionally strong, unlike solid timber it has timber grain going in two directions instead of one. This allows it to span large spaces with much less risk of cracking or warping over time!

Are plywood chairs strong?

Plywood chairs are so strong because all the areas of a chair that often take most of the pressure are reinforce with high grade plywood that has multi-directional strength - which minimises cracking and warping over time.

How long does plywood furniture last?

Because plywood is made from timber, a natural material, it can be susceptible to damage from forces like moisture or extreme sunlight. However, because it is a natural material it can be maintained and rejuvenated throughout its lifetime to make it last for generations!

Is plywood good in weather?

Like most natural materials, plywood that is stored outdoors has a much shorter life-span. When in prolonged contact with moisture even the highest grades of plywood are at risk of delaminating (layers coming apart). As a result So Watt does not recommend using its furniture outside.

Which type of bar stool is best?

When choosing the best plywood stool for you it is important to determine the need that you are trying to solve. For a bar stool will be used for long periods of time we recommend the Plonk Bar stool. Or for more casual mobile solutions the Billi bar stool is one of the best bar stools online Australia has for fluid solutions!

What makes a bar stool comfortable?

The three components of a comfortable bar stool are;

  • Placement of the backrest
    It is importance that the backrest of a Plywood chair is not too high or too low to minimise the pressure being applied to the back of person using the Plywood barstool.
  • Distance from the foot-ring to the seat
    When using a bar stool, theres nothing worse than having nowhere to put you legs and looking like a real life hobbit using oversized furniture - this is why the footring is placed at an optimal distance from the seat to ensure that users have somewhere to comfortably place their feet.
  • The edge finish of the seat base
    When using a bar stool, it is unavoidable to lean your legs downward which puts pressure on the edge of a seat base, that’s why it is importance to have soft round shape on the edge to stop the base of the plywood seat jutting into the users thighs.
How do you choose a bar stool of the right height?

When choosing the right height chair, seat, plywood bench or bar stool the main external factor to consider is the height of the bar or table that they will accompany. If this is not considered the stools can leave users sitting too high or too low relative to the surface that they’re using.