So Watt

Buddy Box Record Crate


Your best buddy for impressive record collections.

Designed + Made to order by So Watt in Marrickville, from textural OSB.

The Buddy Box Record Crate is the vinyl storage box you've been waiting for. Your collection is precious and deserves to be shown off, flicked through and displayed with flair. Not limited to records, This Buddy Box is also really handy in the wardrobe for bulky scarves and hat collections.

Visit our Marrickville showroom to see this piece in person and explore the custom options.

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  • External dimensions: 360mm long x 360mm wide x 350mm high.
    Internal dimensions: 345mm long x 315mm wide x 330mm deep.
    Made from OSB (Oriented Strand Board) and left raw.

  • This piece is made to order by the So Watt team at their workshop in Marrickville (Sydney, NSW).

    Lead Time: 1 weeks + delivery.

    Ships fully assembled Australia wide.

    Free pick up available from our Marrickville workshop.

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  • What is the record crate made of?

    The Buddy Box Record Crate is made from OSB, which stands for Oriented Strand Board. This is a fun and textural material that is also incredibly strong. Popular in America in home construction, OSB can be found throughout Europe in furniture and joinery and is very popular thanks to its bold pattern and strength. OSB uses left-over chips of timber from the manufacture of other timber products, made into sheet form by being pressed under immense pressure.

    How much weight can the wooden record crate hold?

    Buddy, the wooden record crate, is strong enough to store large vinyl collections. The Buddy Record Crate can hold 30kg, more than needed! The Buddy record crate is so strong because of the material but also because of the way it goes together. Each part is glued into a recess on another part, so that the pieces work together to spread the load. At the end of the day Buddy is a record storage crate, so go nuts and jam it full without a worry!

    What can l use the wooden record crate for?

    You don’t have to use the Buddy Box only to store record collections. Other great storage ideas for wooden crates are a toy box for kids or pets, a shoe box to go in your wardrobe, to store towels in your bathroom, or for any other random collection of things you want to keep handy but tidy. The Buddy record crate works great as a retail display box and helps to style products or group records by genre while being eye catching to people wandering past.

    What Product Can I Pair With The Wooden Record Crate?

    THe Buddy Record Crate is designed to work with the Watson shelving collection to help you create a media cabinet of your own. Store your records in the Buddy record crate on the Watson Shelves, store CD’s in the Buddy Box all-rounder on another shelf, and top it all off with your record player and amplifier. Not only does it look great, but if anything changes in the future you have a flexible piece of Australian made furniture that can be used anywhere! You can also use the Buddy record crate as a storage crate inside the Florence Wardrobe for hats and scarves, or for notebooks and stationery in your Archibald writing bureau. You will always find a use for this timber storage crate!