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Butch Shelves


Super strong steel shelving for commercial or residential

Designed + Made by So Watt

Born of a custom commission from a client with a very tidy garage, these birch plywood shelves are definitely strong. The top shelf sits at a comfortable height to use as a standing bench and the shelves are deep enough to accommodate large storage boxes.

Of course we encourage plenty of other uses for these birch plywood shelves, such as a plinth style rack in the centre of a store or as double sided partition shelving in an office space.

The frame is made from steel angle welded together and finished in durable lack powder coat. Each shelf, made from 12mm thick high grade B/BB Birch Ply and finished in our favourite Osmo wood wax, sits within the steel frame and can easily be removed. Meaning, this plywood storage rack is made to last.

Our pieces are hand made to order. Custom sizes and finishes are available.
Email us to start a custom project or learn more about custom commissions here.

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  • Dimensions:
    Wide: 1220mm W x 550mm D x 1070mm H
    Narrow: 1220mm W x 350mm D x 1070mm H.

    Photos show Wide option.

    Made from welded steel angle with durable powdercoat finish.
    Shleves made from Birch Plywood, finished in low VOC clear finish and recessed into steel angle.

  • This piece is made to order by the So Watt team at their workshop in Marrickville (Sydney, NSW).

    Lead Time: 4-5 weeks + delivery.

  • Free pick up available for an excuse to visit our Marrickville showroom!

    Shipped assembled. Delivered direct to your door.

    If you require deliver & place please get in touch with the team for a project specific quote:

    International Shipping is available on request. Please email for a quote.

  • 1. What Can I Use The Butch Plywood Shelves For?

    The utilitarian design of the Butch Shelves make them excellent for storing heavy and bulky items. Load them up with books, store your vinyl records, stack storage tubs or display products in your shop. 

    2. What Makes The Butch Plywood Shelves Unique?

    Originally created for storing large boxes and tubs, the Birch wood shelves are supported all the way around with steel angle to prevent any sagging. This sets them apart from other plywood shelves and plywood storage racks with lower weight ratings. You can also easily replace the shelves if you want a bit of a change after a few years!

    3. What Makes The Butch Plywood Shelves So Durable?

    The birch wood shelves are finished with low VOC water-based clear to help protect the timber from stains and scratches. If significant damage occurs, replacement shelves can be ordered to let you enjoy your plywood storage rack abilities for many more years! The frame is made from a thick welded steel angle that has then been finished with black powdercoat for extra durability.

    4. How Big Are The Butch Plywood Shelves?

    Currently we offer the Butch Plywood Shelves in two sizes. 

    The wide option is great for accessing both sides for storage and can be placed in the centre of a room as a practical room divider. It can also accommodate bigger storage crates or tubs as well as display larger products such as bedding or cushions. The wide option for the Butch Shelves measures 1330mm wide x 550mm deep and 1070mm high.

    The narrow option is a classic size for bookshelves or smaller display pieces, but still large enough to accommodate an impressive record collection and even the sound system. The narrow option for the Butch Shelves measures 1200mm wide x 550mm deep x 1070mm high. 

    As always, So Watt offer custom sizes and finishes for all their pieces! Get in touch for a quote today.

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