Meeting & Reception Areas

Project: Guzman Y Gomez HQ Fitout

Client: The Bold Collective

The Brief

Inject character and reflect the Guzman Y Gomez brand personality with reclaimed timber elements throughout their head office in Surry Hills, Sydney.
The project included decorative wall paneling, a gigantic communal breakout table and a sleek meeting table with integrated power and data.

So Watt fell into the gap between designer and construction team to deliver custom elements for the space that could not be found in any store. Outside of creating furniture for the lunch area and main meeting room, we worked alongside the builders to clad large areas of the walls in timber to match the furniture.

The timber all came from a single source, it had then been waiting patiently in a carpark for nearly 60 years. It was really special to have all the timber go to the one new home, but the age and condition really presented a lot of dirty work to get it looking consistent enough.

The timber trim detail was continued throughout, capping the yellow tin wall and framing the division between reception area and breakout space.

In keeping with the rustic and industrial theme, the base for the breakout table was made from a scaffolding product that was then treated to a clear rust-preventing finish. The timber table top was trimmed in matching steel to give the rustic boards a smooth finished edge.

In order to fill the large holes in the timber table, necessary for preventing a build up of delicious burrito spills, the table top started off with formply to provide the flat structure in which to lay the boards. Black resin was poured into the gaps and holes on site, so the formply prevented the resin from running out and pooling on the floor.

The main meeting room table featured custom steel pedestal style legs, designed to give the impression of a rusting yellow bridge. At the time of this photoshoot a meeting was taking place so there is only the chance to glimpse the imposing understructure through the meeting room glass.

The table was as big as the timber breakout table, and the large hollow legs supported this expanse while providing space for flush-mounted power and data box with cables running to the floor.

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