Some of our favourite things to work on are signage projects.

Sydney Design Festival felt like the perfect time to design and build a custom plywood sign for ourselves after all these years! It took us so long to get around to because there were just too many good design ideas being thrown around. Now that we have a chunky hand-drawn font for our logo, it was an easy decision to create a chunky floating sign that we can take with us to all sorts of events.

We want every part of our brand to be made with quality materials, so we spared no expense using our favourite high grade birch ply.

Is there anything better than putting your own mark on your space?

Our studio & workshop was previously an olive stuffing business and the space was a maze of cool rooms and food prep equipment. We spent a Christmas break tearing the whole lot out until we had a blank canvas, then the fun began!

We went for a funky fresh mint green over the concrete floors and painted the walls and exposed beam ceiling white.

The new small but very functional kitchen has a Birch Plywood top with 3 coats of Osmo wood wax so that we can learn how the finish behaves in wet areas with food prep - so far so good!

The gigantic plywood separating wall from the studio to the workshop is made with pallet-grade ply and filled with wool insulation to create a soundproof barrier. We had a bit of fun with the door handles too, why not?!

Jono has an extensive bike collection, so tucked on the back of the plywood CNC room in the workshop are several bike hooks. Every time we head to the bathrooms at the back of the workshop we get this little surprise bike gallery!

Our workshop is a constant work in progress. We’re always looking for ways to make it safer and more functional.

The CNC Router is our biggest piece of machinery, it’s a powerful tool — and very dusty! We are in the process of building a custom room for it to do it’s job without covering the rest of the shop in sawdust. It also helps to make a nicer environment for the workshop crew, not having to shout over it all the time. Personally our favourite part is the angled wall section. It’s the little details like this that can really make it float or flop.

The next stage in this project is installing the sliding barn doors. They have to slide so that its easy for full sheets of material to be loaded onto the CNC bed without having to negotiate around huge swinging doors.

We wanted to create some playful backdrops for our furniture to interact with during photoshoots.

Photographing furniture can often be sterile and plain, or require costly styling accessories. We wanted our photoshoots to have a sense of continuity while reflecting our brand through the fun colour pallet.

Using offcuts of materials like the cover panels that come when you order a pack of plywood, we cut funky shapes on our CNC and carefully selected colours from our brand guide that can create varied moods depending on the combination in a photo.

So far we have used these backdrop and trim panels in our Rover + Riley photoshoot but can’t wait to use them again soon. They really elevated the shots and helped us bring in a bit of a colour pop to otherwise fairly muted pieces.

One of our goals in 2019 was to commission a mural for the front of our workshop.

Studio Dennis, a Marrickville legend, blew us away with his proposed design, so our building is now covered floor to ceiling in incredible floral motifs.

Everyone in the street loves it and Studio Dennis were approached by a few of our neighbours who were really inspired by the cheerful artwork. Our area is already a favourite for urban photographers with bright pink, red and yellow buildings frequently used as backdrops for impromptu fashion shoots.

Murals are a fantastic way to liven up a building, and by extension, a street — and you can’t miss the workshop if you’re trying to look for it now!