Master Bedroom Wardrobes

Project: The Newtown Terrace

Client: James Pedersen Architects, in close collaboration with the homeowner.

The Brief

Create joinery for the Master Bedroom that would transform the room, giving it a strong design presence while provide ample storage space. It was crucial to keep a sense of space and light so as not to clutter the room.

The first thing you see when you wake up, your bedroom joinery should both calm you and give you something to gaze at while you wrap your head around the day ahead. Of course, you would ideally have enough storage to not be cramming your clothing in and quickly closing the door to keep it from exploding out again. The layout is crucial to keeping your room tidy, if it's easy to use with considered compartments for your belongings, then you will in fact use it rather than the floor.

For this master bedroom there were a few key elements to work around. Key to this was the AC unit on the wall at one end of what could have been a full floor to ceiling wardrobe. However ultimately this was a blessing in disguise as it created a dresser height nook to provide one of the only flat surfaces in the room (great for dumping your bag).

Another key strategy was to keep visible access to both end walls so that you have an understanding of the true size of the room. A full wall of joinery would have tricked you into thinking the room was smaller than it was.

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