Offering local manufacturing solutions from one-offs to mass-manufacture

Inner-city manufacturing and CNC routing

Find accessible, local Australian manufacturing opportunities for short run and large-scale projects at So Watt. We manufacture furniture and components for inspiring Australian brands, but also offer our facilities to short run production, personal projects and one-off prototypes.

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities focus around CNC routing. We offer sanding, assembling and a range of finishes either sprayed or applied by hand. These are complimented by a range of other workshop classics such as the panel saw, drill press, drop saw, and Lamello Zeta P2 biscuit joiner, all housed in our inspiring and functional workshop located an easy 8km from Sydney CBD.

Complimentary to our in-house manufacturing, we also conduct site visits within the Sydney metro area, offer a drafting service to prepare manufacture files, and have installed our work on site for projects in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Site Visits

If your project is site specific it will be necessary for us to collect accurate information about the intended install location.

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Download our site visit checklist to conduct your own, or contact us for a quote to do a site inspection and measure

Design Drafting Service

For one-off, prototype or short run manufacture projects you may only have a rough sketch of your components. Our Industrial Design team can translate this into manufacture ready drawings while also providing valuable tips for a better outcome.

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Visit our blog post on preparing your design for manufacture Read our guidebook on designing for CNC.

CNC Routing

If you are confident in drafting a drawing set for CNC routing, that is a 1:1 scale .dxf file, then send it on through for a quick quote to cut your parts

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Be warned, this approach comes with a disclaimer! If you do not wish to engage our design drafting services, any parts that are the wrong size on don’t fit together as intended will need to be re-cut at your own expense.


We have made this an optional service so that our clients have the opportunity to save on cost and take this on themselves.

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If you have a lot of parts it can get tedious, we are happy to set our team of sanding extraordinaires’ loose with the electric sanders for a separate fee.


Depending on the material and intended application, we can apply the suitable finish to your parts with our various application methods.

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Read about all the options on our finishing page or come to our showroom to see and feel examples.


It is not always suitable to send a piece pre-assembled, so we have made this an optional service for our clients to choose the most suitable approach.

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For the smaller DIY projects the assembly is the fun part! For larger joinery projects we recommend our team assemble the piece prior to install.

We call it Micro-Manufacturing

Our workshop is equipped with a carefully curated selection of machinery to efficiently work with a broad range of materials and methods while using every inch of our inner-city set up.

We are followers of the Lean Manufacturing principle, based on the 1930’s Toyota factory model and later defined by Womack and Jones in 1996 as “a way to do more and more with less and less - less human effort, less equipment, less time, and less space - while coming closer and closer to providing customers exactly what they want”.

Our space takes this approach even further, by housing our showroom and studio alongside our workshop we can offer our clients the chance to experience every stage of the process on site, all within 300 square metres, thus we have coined our style Micro-Manufacturing.

Sustainable and Ethical

At So Watt we have a strong sustainable and ethical approach to manufacturing. We avoid working with nasty materials such as chipboard and MDF, both for our own health, our clients’ health, and that of the environment we all share.

No matter the project, we design for disassembly and separation of materials for eventual recycling, modularity or repurposing in a different function. If none of these options are viable, we collaborate with Reverse Garbage and other up-cycling companies to find a second life for our creations.

“So Watt studio was on the ball from the start, helping me with my market stall fitout. Everyone who passed my stall loved the final product. I would not hesitate to work with them again. ”

— Priya Kaul, Badaam

“There isn’t anything these guys can’t manage, build, install, produce or make happen - all the way with a smile on their face - big ups to Sophie & Jono.”

— Anne-Maree Sargeant, Founder, Authentic Design Alliance

“Sophie, Jonathan and the So Watt team are, in every way, delightful. Do not be misled by the simplicity of this statement: on the basis of an ambitious project with clearly defined commercial parameters, we were in every way delighted by the way in which the industrial design exercise was conceptualised, planned, managed, executed and supported.”

— Joel Kaufman, Director Bloomingdales

“We were blown away the ease in which we could collaborate with Sophie and the So Watt production team. Dynamic, precise, reliable and clearly love what they do. This is a team that is outcomes and solution focused”

— Matt Gollan, Director, Reactivate Consulting