The Challenge

In essence, we developed a new solution to the old-fashioned personal pedestal.

We worked closely with Greenbox to detail their custom storage pieces, ensuring that we kept the styling of our media unit. Amongst the changes were large drawers, subbed in from cupboards, which would have the capacity to house files and equipment - along with the odd tin of tuna and gym bag.

Greenbox Architecture approached So Watt after seeing our Loft Media Unit at Sydney InDesign festival. They had already begun their journey of detailing the design for their new Sydney CBD office and were looking for exciting and homely furniture that was out of the ordinary.


The devil is in the detail, and in this case, the detail was in the deep storage drawers.

Flat patterns were laser cut from steel, then folded and assembled with an air-powered rivet gun, making for no messy weld joints! The huge drawers finished up pleasantly lightweight and were installed on full extension runners to allow maximum accessibility and storage capability. The external housing was made on our CNC machine from high grade Birch Plywood, and finished with Osmo wood waxes. This particular wax provides durability and a textured, natural feeling finish - a more thoughtful approach than the usual corporate laminates.

What We Learnt

Transparency and collaboration were the key to success.

The best thing about this project was the ease in which the design was discussed and approved. Our teams sat together with a pile of material swatches, and within one brainstorming session we had arrived at a solution.

At the end of the day, we’re all designers who love to create and we feel that it’s important to make the process enjoyable in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

The below finished photos of the piece in the new Greenbox office are photographed by Danial Nash of Greenbox Architecture.