What materials do you work with?

Plywood is our number one, and within the plywood family there are loads of different types and species, you can read more here. We sometimes work with solid timbers, steel, brass, aluminium, acrylic, sign board and other composite panels. We do not use MDF or Chipboard.

If you’d like to see our full list of materials, click here.

What are the machine specifications/bed sizes?

Most sheet materials we use are 2400mm long x 1200mm wide. Sometimes you can get a slightly oversized sheet but it’s always best to work to a ‘worst-case’ scenario.

Our laser cutter is a chunky machine with adjustable bed height (for thicker materials), but the bed size is 1200mm wide x 900mm deep.

Laser Cutter Bed — 900mm x 1200mm

Vinyl Cutter Bed — 600mm x 2000mm

CNC Router Bed — 2500mm x 1250mm

What file formats do you accept for CNC Routing?

Ideally, we are after a .dxf file which has been exported from either Solidworks or AutoCAD (FYI if you are a seasoned CAD user, please do not take the .dxf through any further programs after exporting from Solidworks).

If you’re unable to organise that we can charge a drafting fee to create your files from your mood board, hand sketches or Adobe Illustrator line drawings.

I’m not sure if I need CNC Routing or Laser Cutting, What’s the right option for my project?

You might have a simple cut job you need done and aren’t sure whether it should be laser cut or CNC routed, or perhaps you have a sketch of a finished design and don’t know how to start the process of manufacture, either way we provide free 15 minute phone consultations where we can give you some guidance.

I have an idea for a new product but don’t know where to start…

Have a look at Our Design Process to help you start on this journey, call us for a free 15-minute consultation if you have any further questions.

How long will my project take to make?

This one really depends on the type of project, you can see lead times for our shoppable pieces under their descriptions. For custom projects, let us know your deadline and we will tell you if it’s achievable!

What do you use to seal and finish your plywood furniture?

We are big fans of Osmo products for staining, sealing or full colour. It does require extra special care when applying but the results are hardwearing, and the piece still feels like timber when you’re done. Read our blog about how we use it here.