The Challenge

Avoiding landfill was a top priority, so we created something that would exist for more than a weekend.

An easy-to-rearrange design was a necessary element for successful adaptation in future exhibitions for the brand, and it required a clever approach to hanging pendant lights without heavy duty rigging. Projects of this nature are often designed before they are quoted. The main challenge for us was to interpret the agreed design into a construction that sat within the outlined budget. The construction had to flat pack for the best possible shipping economy and endure multiple exhibitions in various locations during its lifetime.

Bloomingdales contacted us to help them create a temporary space in which they could exhibit their lighting range at Denfair in Melbourne.

Inviting, practical and made from a material that would perform alongside the luxe finishes of their pieces, the stand had to steal the show.


Bloomingdales know their product & audience better than we ever could. So why not work alongside one another?

It was imperative to have a clear understanding before delving head first into a finished design. In this case, deep rich textures were to set off the smooth hard brass and ceramic elements in the lighting. Repetition of form with consistent language would help to create a ‘landscape’ for the product to sit within.

Bloomingdales showed at Denfair in Melbourne, so everything had to be ready for dispatch from Sydney with enough time to allow for road freight, possible delays, loading dock times, forklift bookings and install. We approached all of this with military-like precision. Each contractor involved was given a run sheet of the delivery and Bloomingdales were updated every step of the way. We were on site to meet the delivery and instantly checked over all the parcels for any damage. The So Watt crew constructed the stand in-situ, assisting Bloomingdales with their product placement before finally wiring all the lamps to timer switches.

What We Learnt

The project went off without a hitch, and we believe it went so smoothly due to the level of trust that Bloomingdales had in us.

They understood that the details within the design would likely change during this process and trusted us to balance the criteria with the overall vision for the best possible outcome. There is no exact right way in design, designers are hired because they are needed to assist with a creative delivery.

It is important for companies to remember why they’ve hired a design team, and to trust their aesthetic as well as be open to learning new ways of presenting their brand.

Since the stand premiered at Denfair in 2018 it has been to NoVacany Fair twice and is earmarked to become a permanent feature in the Bloomingdales Sydney showroom.


“Do not be misled by the simplicity of this statement: on the basis of an ambitious project with clearly defined commercial parameters, we were in every way delighted by the way in which the industrial design exercise was conceptualised, planned, managed, executed and supported.

Not only was the design itself and the choice of materials wonderfully creative, but the way in which the build was achieved in many respects bordered on exceptional.”

— Joel Kaufman, Director