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Benefits of Outdoor Unique Signage Solutions For Your Business

Benefits of Outdoor Unique Signage Solutions For Your Business

Why are outdoor business signs so popular? 

Picture this, your business is on a street with a road, a pedestrian footpath and maybe even a bike path. You probably have a sign on your front door or window, but is it enough to capture the attention of all those people making their way past your front door at different speeds and distances? By having at least one outdoor sign for your business you can target potential customers as they pass your door. This is the best investment in an ongoing permanent advertising strategy there is! Even a hidden underground bar with no sign on its front door will often have a security guard and a red carpet, which really is just a different way of signalling the business beyond the front door.


What are the key reasons you should consider outdoor business signs?

Outdoor business signs are crucial to capturing the attention of as many people as possible. Those people could be looking out for your sign to know where to park, or they could be on a stroll in the area and your sign captures their attention for the first time. Perhaps you have a special announcement like a sale event that you want to advertise to passing traffic? 

Large outdoor business signs with clearly displayed wording at a decent size mounted high up on your business is best for passing cars.

What styles of outdoor business signs are there?

There are countless creative and artistic outdoor business signs out there. Depending on the nature of your business, the best choice you can make is a sign that will last a long time outdoors in the harsh Australian climate. That way you always present well to potential customers. 


Long lasting outdoor business signs:

For a permanent outdoor business sign that is high up out of reach and hard to clean, we recommend an aluminium composite panel with UV stabilised vinyl decal artwork. The aluminium composite panel is lightweight and waterproof and available in large sheet sizes. Vinyl decals can be peeled off and replaced if you ever need to change or update your sign without replacing the whole thing.


Outdoor wood signs:

A natural wood sign is an attractive and tactile way of having an outdoor sign that sets you apart. As a lot of wood products don’t last forever outdoors, we recommend a Plywood sign for businesses that can be moved indoors at closing, such as a sandwich board or a wood sign that hangs from a rope on your door, wall or window. 


Illuminated LED outdoor business signs:

LED’s are a great invention for long lasting low emission illumination. They are available in rope, individual bulbs (or diods) and even come in a flexible frosted housing that has the appearance of glass neon. LEDs are a great way to enhance a sign. We suggest using them in conjunction with a non-illuminated sign so that the lettering is still visible on a really sunny day. For example, if the LEDs are switched off there is a UV stabilised vinyl decal behind it.

How many outdoor business signs should you have on show?

Below is a breakdown of the types of outdoor business signs you could potentially have on your building, depending on your relation to the road or footpath.


For motorists:

If your business is on a busy road with multiple lanes of traffic in each direction, then chances are cars will be zipping past giving passengers a fraction of a second to look at a sign on your building. Install the sign high up so that they can see it over the roof of the cars in front as they approach. Angle it back in the direction they are travelling, you may have seen this done with signs on the top of an awning or roof that are slightly angled in each direction of the traffic flow. Most importantly - make sure the font is easy to read from far away! Consider what information is most important, it’s unlikely the motorist will be trying to type your phone number into their phone as they drive past, so maybe just your business name for them to remember and google later. Or maybe “parking left at next street” with an arrow?


For pedestrians:

In this case you have potential customers passing your door or window with the ability to stop and read or look at information in more detail. Have your opening hours on or near the door, your business name should be large and high up so that people can see it from the other side of the street - helpful if google maps hasn’t shown them what side of the street they should be on! Consider a sandwich board, if you have an outdoor wooden sign like a sandwich board your customers immediately know you are open, otherwise the sign wouldn’t be out! Do you have a zebra crossing or traffic lights nearby? Make sure your sign can be easily read and seen from the crossing!

Whether you are after an exquisite 3D lettering for your business or a Plywood outdoor sign, So Watt can offer you a variety of signage solutions. Get in touch today to take your business to the next level of offline marketing.

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